Nurture Pro Nourish Life Lamb Formula for Adult Dry Dog Food

$28.00 $33.80

There is no denying of the great taste of lamb. A favourite amongst dogs, Nourish Life Lamb Formula does more than filling appetites – the immune systems, hips and joints will delight with newfound levels of health and energy.

Ideal for adult and senior dogs and also those with a sensitive stomach.

Key Features

  • Single concentrated protein source from premium lamb
  • Hypoallergenic formula suitable for dogs with sensitive stomach
  • Excellent source of Iron and Zinc, to support regeneration of new cells
  • Rich in Linoleic acids that reduce fats and increase lean muscles
  • Strengthens immune systems
  • Promotes healthy weight and well-developed joints
  • Minimizes / Eliminates odor
  • Fortified with additional prebiotics, probiotics and 12 natural herbs
  • Poultry-free