K9 Natural Freeze Dried Lamb & Salmon Dog Food

$65.60 $82.00

K9 Natural freeze dried dog food range uses only the highest quality ingredients, giving your dog the locked-in natural goodness of fresh pure ingredients with the combined benefit of an intense flavour boost. The best ingredients are combined to create a grain free, high-meat diet packed with energy and nutrients. Only sustainable, free-range, and grass-fed ingredients are used. 

The innovative freeze drying process removes only water so all other nutrients remain in the food, including the taste. With taste a top priority, this unique blends of dog food are ones that your pet will crave.

Key Features

  • 100% natural, species-appropriate, nutritionally sound diet, based on the diet of your dog’s closest relative, the wolf
  • Comprised of 85% raw meat, crushed bone, blood and a small amount of organ meats from grass-fed, free range, and hormone growth promotant free New Zealand livestock, and 15% fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Highly palatable recipe provides optimal nutrition that’s suitable for all breed sizes and all life stages, from puppies to seniors
  • Free range dog food that contains only quality ingredients and absolutely no additives, artificial preservatives, wheat, wheat gluten, rice, rice gluten, cereal bulking agents or corn
  • Helps promote and sustain healthy skin and coat, joint health and the energy needed for active lifestyles