Happi Doggy Dental Chew Zest Petite Apple (2.5 Inch)

$8.50 $9.90

Happi Doggy Dental Chews are proven to clean your canine’s teeth by softening and removing tartar stains, preventing the build-up of nasty plaque.

Give your dog a tasty apple treat, packing in all the goodness of apples, minus the harmful seeds. Made with real apples, our Apple Dental Chews are an excellent source of Vitamins A, E, M and H while promoting healthy teeth and fresh breath. 

Key Features

Grain-free, gluten-free and meat-free
Contains Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids
Suitable for all life stages and breeds
▪ Stimulates gums, increases saliva flow and reduce build up of cavity-causing bacteria

Product Size: Each piece measures 2.5 inches | Each bag weighs 150g