For Furry Friends Ear Cleaner Solution for Dogs and Cats 60ml

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For Furry Friends’ Ear Cleaner Solution is created using the latest japan technology to clean up pet’s ears without any oil & irritation. It contains only 100% Electrolyzed Water which is safe for pets with sensitive skin.

Unlike other ear solutions, For Furry Friends’ Ear Cleaner Solution is non-oily, fragrance-free and contains not a single trace of chemicals, alcohol, toxin or surfactant

Key Features

  • Kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses
  • Eliminates Bad Odour In-Ear
  • Removes Wax Buildup In-Ear Canal
  • Removes Debris From The Ears
  • Gently Cleanse & Soothes Dirty Ears
  • Recommended Using For Inflamed Ears To Keep It Clean & Disinfected
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages (including puppies and kittens). Also suitable use on other small animals too

Product Size: 60ml