ACANA Classics Prairie Poultry Dry Dog Food (3 Sizes)

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All dogs require a diet that is rich in protein and nutrients from animal ingredients, like fish. ACANA Prairie Poultry is loaded with nourishing protein and Omega fatty acids from wild-caught herring, flounder, and hake. Mirroring nature, ACANA's WholePrey ingredients feature a richly nourishing balance of fresh and raw fish, organs, and bone, providing nutrients in their most natural & nourishing form.

Key Features

  • 50% quality animal ingredients
  • 1/3 fresh or raw poultry
  • 3 animal protein varieties
  • WholePrey - Fish, organs and cartilage
  • Freeze-dry infused
  • Canadian oats
  • Whole vegetables, fruits and local botanicals

Product Size: 340g | 2kg | 11.4kg