Absolute Holistic Grain Free Dry Cat Food - Hairball (2 Sizes)

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Cats take pride in how they look through the diligent practice of grooming, however it can result in fur ingestion and hairballs build up. To combat that, Absolute Holistic Grain Free Hairball Formula is carefully balanced to reduce shedding and give your cat a healthy skin and radiant coat. The inclusion of natural fibers such as dried beet pulp and green peas aids in eliminating hairballs by naturally allowing the ingested fur to pass through the digestive tract for a stronger gut health.

Key Features


  • 85% (min) Meat, Produce & Superfoods
  • 15% (max) Vitamins, Minerals, Healthy Oil & Fats
  • 0% Grain, Gluten, Allergens & GMOs
  • Complete & balanced cat food with added vitamins & minerals
  • No pork & lard
  • For cats of all breeds & all life stages