Vitakraft Poesie Hearts Turkey, Carrot & Spinach in Sauce Tray Cat Wet Food 85g


Vitakraft Poésie's pretty heart-shaped packs contain delights based on white beef, meat or fish in jelly or refined sauce. All versions have an enticing taste and, with an extra dose of love, are prepared. In fact, only high-quality ingredients are used for these foods, while the use of artificial dyes and preservatives, as well as sugar, has been abandoned. The recipe for this moist food is balanced and meets the nutritional needs of adult cats.

This diet also includes precious taurine in addition to vitamins and minerals, which improves the role of sight and heart muscle. A delicious food that can convince even the most fussy cats and provide a balanced life with all the necessary nutrients

Key Features

  • High palatability rate > 95%
  • Sugar free recipe
  • No artificial colours and flavours