Vitakraft Menu Rabbit Food (3 Sizes)


Vitakraft Menu Vita herbs Rabbit Feed is a complete feed for all adult dwarf rabbits that are over 6 weeks old. With this bag of rabbit mix from Vitakraft, you get a mix of nutritious vegetables and healthy flowers. The composition provides a fun and exciting variety in the dwarf rabbit's food bowl - both in taste and aroma. It can also ensure that the dwarf rabbit's teeth are ground if it is fed daily with Vitakraft Menu Vita herbs Rabbit food.

Vitakraft's rabbit feed for dwarf rabbits has been developed by rodent experts and veterinarians, who ensure that there are vitamins C, fiber and plant extracts in the vital food for dwarf rabbits. The chew-friendly feed pellets ensure a natural grinding of the constantly growing teeth. The healthy raw fibers in the feed ensure a healthy intestinal flora and digestion in your dwarf rabbit.

The special Vita herbs composition is carefully selected with a composition of nourishing herbs. Thyme and peppermint, as well as hibiscus and chamomile flowers, contribute to the well-being of your dwarf rabbit.

Key Features

  • The feed pellets grind the constantly growing teeth
  • Extra vitamin C prevents deficiency symptoms
  • No added sugar or preservatives