Vitakraft Emotion Kracker Fruit Hamster Treats 2pcs


For your small animal pets’ maximum enjoyment. The crunchy chew sticks mean that your animals need to work for their food. Specially formulated for your pet’s maximum enjoyment, these crunchy chew sticks promise absolute delight for your little companion. The crispy snack bars are endowed with natural raw materials in the highest quality and are triple baked with love, for extra-long snacking fun.

Emotion's DHA content derived from seaweed is one of the most valuable and biologically active omega 3 fatty acids, important for cardiac activity, the brain and immune system. Prebiotic inulin promotes a healthy intestinal flora and optimal digestion. The balanced ratio of essential amino acids also guarantees high biological quality.

Key Features

  • Grain mixtured with herbs
  • Triple baked
  • Packed with natural flavour
  • Made with premium quality ingredients
  • No added sugar and artificial flavourings