Vitakraft Emotion Complete Hamster Food 800g


Emotion Complete All Ages is optimized to the needs of hamsters tuned and supplied the small rodents every bite with all the important nutrients and strength-building substances. The important animal proteins. because thanks to the All-in-One chuck body no selection is possible with Emotion Complete even fastidious animals a completely balanced diet guarantees.

Emotion Complete course the unique TriVita-Complex – the innovative Plus for a lively and healthy hamster life. Developed by veterinarians and rodent experts!
TriVita-Complex: With DHA from marine algae. Emotion contains one of the finest and most biologically active omega-3 fatty acid, important for heart function, brain and immune system. Prebiotic Inulin ensures a healthy intestinal flora and promotes optimal digestion. The balance of essential amino acids also guarantees a high biological value.

Key Features

  • Low calcium content to prevent bladder stones
  • Enriched with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Prevents strong odour
  • Helps with tooth abrasion