Vitakraft Crispy Crunch Duck & Aronia Cat Treats 60g


Crunchy fun, that's three times that! The irresistible crispy duck snack cushions are beautifully creamy filled and therefore an absolute highlight for each cat bite by bite. And this crunchy snack includes superfood as a special extra: Aronia berries are naturally rich in cell defense antioxidants. In addition, for nutrition-sensitive animals, this grain-free snack is also suitable.

For your cat, every bite is an absolute highlight! This snack pillow will also help to regulate hairball formation and avoid it. Crispy Crunch is ideal as a small reward for loving pampering in-between.

Key Features

  • Crispy snacks cushions with creamy filling
  • With superfood aronia and delicious duck
  • Grain free 
  • Sugarless recipe