Vitakraft Crispy Crunch Anti Hairball (Malt) Cat Treats 60g


The Pure Pleasure Chunks! Micio will be delighted to be spoiled with these packets of snacks thanks to their crisp coating and fluffy filling, perfect for delicious rewards or as a snack between meals.

All the bundles are sugar-free and help to counteract dental tartar formation due to their crunchy consistency. There is essential mint oil in the "Dental" variant, which helps minimize the incidence of halitosis. And a special mix of vitamins is available to add to the vitality of your cat. On the other hand, the "Malto" variant favors the natural removal of hairballs and thus takes aggressive action against this problem. Thanks to their easily digestible meat content, the chicken fagottini are especially appealing.

Key Features

  • Crunchy coating with tender stuffing
  • Unsweetened