Puppy Cake Carob Microwaveable Cake Mix For Dogs


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Puppy Cake Carob Microwaveable Cake Mix For Dogs is an easy-to-prepare cake mix recipe for dogs. With an all-natural and wheat-free recipe, Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix For Dogs only requires one egg, water, and vegetable oil to mix in. It can be made with the oven or microwave it, either way it will have your dog enjoying this easy-to-follow cake mix recipe! Each box can make up to 8 cupcakes or a double layer of a 6” cake.

Key Features

  • Does not require an oven - Just microwave it
  • All-natural cake recipe for dogs
  • Makes 8 cupcakes or a double layer 6″ cake
  • Easy-to-prepare recipe
  • Made in USA

Product Size: 225g (9oz)