NutraGold Holistic Indoor Senior Cat Dry Food 3kg


Nature knows best, which is why NutraGold has been holistically designed to fulfill a particular stage of life, offering a safe and holistic edge to your cat. The best ingredients and the latest nutritional studies are used to make this balanced, wholesome diet. This formula is specifically made for finicky cats and is sure to whet their appetite. High quality protein is stemmed from chicken, salmon and egg to unleash your feline's full potential. This formula is enriched with omega fatty acids that will enhance your cat's skin and coat condition.

Holistic Indoor Senior contains fresh meat which provides great taste and highly digestible protein. It also contains added cellulose for controlling and preventing hairball formation as well as taurine for healthy heart and vision. This formula also added levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to help support healthy bones and joints. The special kibble size in this diet makes it easy to pick up and chew.

Key Features

  • For cats 10 years and older
  • Targets health issues associated with senior cats, such as decreased sense of smell, dental disease, arthritis and inability to digest 
  • Contains added cellulose to prevent and control hairball formation
  • Taurine for healthy heart and vision