Maxxipaws MaxiOmega Supplement for Dogs 297ml

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All pet owners know that a healthy coat of fur is the sign of a healthy pet. Our rich combination of omega 3, 6 and 9, is thoughtfully designed with your whole dog in mind. It’s not just about a healthy coat of fur, it’s about a healthy dog.

In addition to being beneficial to dogs suffering from obvious coat and skin issues, the ingredients in maxxiomega are beneficial for dogs throughout their entire life. As a puppy, the additional fatty acids help with brain development. Dogs in the middle of their life enjoy joint support through maxxiomega’s anti-inflammatory properties. And older dogs benefit with support for blood sugar and cholesterol level regulation.

Other times in a dog’s life where dogs may benefit from maxxiomega even if their coat and skin appear healthy are: dogs on low-fat or allergen diet (as long as the allergen is not soy or fish), pregnant or nursing bitches, dogs with high energy requirements, dogs recovering from accidents, injury or surgery and older dogs.

Key Features:

  • Ingredients are protected from deterioration for the full dosage life
  • Ingredients sourced directly from fish fat, flaxseed and soybean
  • No fish breath or smell
  • Easy to dispense doses designed o be given with each meal