Kit Cat Snow Pea Cat Litter Original 7L (Bundle of 6)

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    Kit Cat Snow Peas is a 100% eco-friendly cat litter that is a healthier alternative for both cats and owners. Created with natural green pea fibre, this litter is a safe and non-toxic formula. Free from harmful ingredients, all cat owners can have a peace of mind.

    It has excellent liquid absorbent features that effectively eliminate odours naturally. This litter is also 99% dusty free which leaves no paw tracks. 

    The Kit Cat Snow Peas is a unique and innovative formulation that offers a fast and easy cleanup process with quick clumping capabilities. Created to be eco-friendly, the clumps can be repurposed as organic garden fertilizer.

    Traditional cat litter has a relatively large negative impact on the environment as well as the health of cats and humans due to the processes and substances. Opting for a safe, natural and biodegradable litter not only creates a healthy space for all but also a step to an eco-friendly environment.

    Key Features

    • Quick Clumping
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Scoop & Flush
    • Virtually 99.9% Dust Free
    • Non-toxic & Safe
    • Odour Control
    • Light Weight
    • Suitable for All Life Stages
    • Soft & Gentle on Paws