Himalayan Pet Supply Churro Cheese with Chicken Dog Chew Soft Density Treats

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Churro Cheese Dog Chew starts with our favourite ingredient, cheese! Using a traditional Himalayan recipe, our chews are 100% natural and easily digestible. Churro is a soft density chew, great for easy-going chewers of all sizes above 12 weeks old. Its unique ridged shape gets between teeth to scrub and scrape, reducing plaque and tarter build up while providing chewing entertainment. Churro comes in 3 delicious flavours: original cheese, chicken, and peanut butter.

Himalayan Pet Supply makes a variety of Cheese Dog Chews in hard, medium, soft, and dental densities! They come in different sizes and flavours, guaranteed to keep your dog satisfied.

Key Features

  • 2/10 on the Chewmeter where cookies are a zero and antlers are a 10
  • 100% natural
  • Lactose free, grain free, gluten free
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives or binding agents
  • No soy or corn
  • Best for dogs over 12 weeks old
  • Meant to be consumed in a single chew session
  • Fits in Blockhead Chew Guardian Dog Toy
  • 4 pieces per pack

Product Sizes: 113.4g