[Discontinuing Soon] For Furry Friends Flea & Tick True Liquid Soap (Peppermint) for Dogs 515ml

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For Furry Friends’ True Liquid Soap kills flea and ticks effectively and naturally by effectively removing their protective wax layer, causing them to drown and die without using any form of chemicals (e.g. pesticides).

It is recommended to use our True Liquid Soap every shower for flea and ticks prevention and to have a more effective result, try to massage deep into the fur of our furkids so that the soap can reach the nasty insects hiding and feeding on your furkids blood on their skin.

Using True Liquid Soap (Peppermint) will give a cooling feel after the shower, helping our furkids stay clean and cool in our hot and sunny Singapore. If your furkids are having heat rashes due to hot weather, this will definitely be your go to shampoo!

Suitable for dogs and puppies only.

    Product Size: 515ml