Taste of the Wild Prey Trout Dog Dry Food (Limited Ingredient Diet) (2 Sizes)


The diet of the native canine was quite simple, consisting mainly of the prey they hunted. A simple, limited ingredient diet offers many benefits. They can be easier for some dogs to digest and may be a good choice for dogs who have experienced sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Spring-fed trout is the first of just four key ingredients. Along with sunflower oil, trout also provides omega fatty acids that help maintain skin and coat health. Species-specific probiotics further support digestion, while guaranteed levels of antioxidants and DHA help support overall well-being. Finally, carefully selected vitamins and minerals ensure your dog is getting the balanced nutrition they require with the unique taste of trout they’ll crave.

Key Features

  • A quality, grain-free recipe
  • Spring-fed trout
  • Species-specific probiotics to help support healthy digestion and maintain active lifestyle
  • Antioxidants provided to support your pet's immune system
  • DHA: This omega-3 fatty acid, provided by salmon oil, helps support brain and vision development in puppies, which makes it an important addition to this all life stages formula
  • Lentils: A superfood packed with protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients 
  • Made in the USA