Ciao Tsurun Cup Chicken Fillet Pudding Cat Wet Food 65g

$6.30 $8.40

    CIAO Tsurun Cup is the first and only Pudding-style food for cats of all life stages and breeds! It’s great for hydration, and is fortified with prebiotics for developing a stronger digestive system. CIAO Tsurun is especially good for mature cats and kittens who are not so good at chewing, or have difficulty consuming flaked foods.

    Key Features:

    • Helps combat hairball issues
    • Helps promote a strong and healthy urinary system
    • Fortified with prebiotics, for a healthier and stronger digestive system
    • Great as a complementary meal or food topper
    • Vitamin E helps boost and support the immune system and maintain healthy skin and coat
    • Contains green tea extract to provide oral support and antioxidant properties

    Product Size: 65g