Ciao Jelly Cup Chicken Fillet with Crab Stick Cat Wet Food 65g

$6.30 $8.40

    CIAO Jelly Cups are the perfect wet food for cats of all life stages and breeds! The soft jelly increases digestibility, so cats with sensitive tummies can enjoy their meal with no worries. Each cup contains Vitamin E, which helps boost and support the immune system; as well as green tea extract with natural antioxidant properties.

    Key Features:

    • Tuna whole loin in Jelly
    • Easy feeding and mess-free: tear open the cover and pour out!
    • Deep-sea tuna sustainably harvested and certified dolphin-safe
    • Promotes urinary tract health
    • Can be fed as a complementary meal or food topper
    • Suitable for all life stages and all breeds

    Product Size: 65g