#1 ALL SYSTEMS Fabulous Grooming Spray for Dogs and Cats 12oz

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#1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray is formulated from all natural ingredients including but not limited to components derived from sunflower, coconut and corn oils. It contains a lipid layer enhancer, which deposits lipids on the skin. This increases the softness, smoothness and moisturization of the skin with prolonged use (3-7 days). The coat is coated by lipids and conditioners that protect the hair chemically and physically. This same ingredient also prevents the hair from matting, tangling, static and splitting even if the hair gets wet after the spray has been applied. The spray physically coats the hair to prevent dirt from adhering to it. 

Key Features

  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all coat types
  • Made in the USA

Product Size: 12oz