#1 ALL SYSTEMS Color Enhancing Midnight Conditioner for Dogs and Cats 16oz

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#1 All Systems Color Enhancing Conditioner Midnight is formulated from plant and flowers. Coat texture and shine will be improved, not softened or dulled and weakened, as is generally the case with most coloring products. It does not contain ammonia, or bleach commonly found in coloring products.

Can be sprayed into clean coat or applied as you would a regular conditioner after shampooing to a moist coat, the longer you leave it in the hair, (minimum 3 minutes and up to 20 minutes) the more color and coverage will be achieved before rinsing.

Use gloves when applying color conditioner.

Key Features

  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all coat types
  • MIDNIGHT (for black, blue & dark silver coats)
  • Made in the USA

Product Size: 16oz