Our Story

Our Inspiration

Mr Pawsome first began as a passion project that was inspired by our very own pooches at home, Max and Russ. In fact, the first two letters of our store name were derived from their initials, M and R. Despite living under the same roof, the two cannot be any more different. Max, our little Shih Tzu, is a fussy eater and only comes out of his shell around people he trusts. His greatest fear is thunder and he does not hesitate to let us know when a thunderstorm is approaching – our very own *rain-whisperer*. Meanwhile, Russ is our perky and energetic Golden Retriever who isn’t afraid of anything… except our glass door that he is constantly running into. Russ also loves eating everything he lays his eyes on.

With such contrasting personalities, we need to ensure that we accommodate both of their distinct needs adequately. This led us to be very particular regarding the types of pet products we purchase. While hectic at times, having Max and Russ as part our family has brought us utmost joy and transformed our lives for the better.


Our Commitment

Our story isn’t unique. We know that many other pet parents have had their lives changed by their furry companions. However, our love for Max and Russ encouraged us to reach out to others and exchange stories. Beyond that, we also aspired to build a supportive platform where pet parents could conveniently acquire all their pet supplies in one place and connect with others in the community. With a dose of courage and a nudge from Max and Russ, we established Mr Pawsome in 2018. Today, our online pet store has become an avenue for us to channel our passion for the well-being of dogs, cats, as well as other domestic animals and their paw-rents, one paw at a time.


Why Us?

Here at Mr Pawsome, we believe that every pet is unique, both in personality and physiological makeup. Such varying needs greatly determine how products factor into each pet's well-being. To help your furry pals reap maximum benefit from the products they consume, we strive to curate premium-quality brands at our store. Afterall, they only deserve the best.

Not sure what items to buy for your pet? Send us your enquiry at mrpawsome@gmail.com and let us recommend the most suitable pet products for your treasured companion. We also provide scheduled subscription packages, which will allow you to conveniently stockpile all your pet supplies on any date you choose.